Telescopic light tower controls

Luxtension’s pneumatic light poles with the most modern LED lighting technology are suitable for mounting on the outside or inside of recovery vehicles, emergency vehicles, fire engines and defense vehicles. Ease of use was paramount in the design. This guarantees fast and carefree use even in stressful situations. As a result, even in situations where every minute counts, no valuable time is lost. Operation of the pneumatic light towers is possible by means of a fixed control panel. There are also remote controlled pneumatically extendable light poles for sale.

Radiographic and wireless control light towers

The mast control of the telescopic light masts can be performed both fixedly and via wireless control. You can think of functions such as lifting, turning, tilting and turning back. Is there a wired, i.e. fixed, operation of the pneumatically extendable light tower? Then the control panel is connected to the electrical box via a spiral cable. Guidance is used for the spiral cable to prevent damage during use of the light tower. Those who opt for wireless control use radio signals. Wireless (radio) communication with the telescopic mast is possible within a range of up to 100 meters. Obviously, the electronics used have no influence on the other technical equipment with which the emergency vehicle or recovery vehicle is equipped. In other words, there are no unwanted interference signals that could negatively affect the assistance or salvage in any way.

Ease of operation pneumatic light towers

At Luxtension, the user of the pneumatic light poles is central. Through close contact with the users, we are able to develop mobile lighting columns that are fully geared towards daily emergency care. This is reflected in the compact design, the simple operation and an explicit eye for safe working. There is an earth leakage circuit breaker for overload protection and external emergency stop button.

telescopische lichtmast bergingstruck Luxtension

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