Mounting Light Pole Emergency Vehicle

Luxtension’s telescopic light towers are mainly used in roadside vehicle recovery, accidents and emergency situations where the fire brigade, the army or other emergency services are needed. To keep the height manageable, our extendable telescopic masts can be pneumatically extended. Such a telescopic mast is easy to handle, quickly deployable and makes it possible to illuminate larger surfaces. The mobile light tower can be mounted on the recovery vehicle or the emergency vehicle in two different ways. This makes the telescopic light tower a permanent part of the equipment for recovery or emergency assistance. A logical choice, because many salvage and rescue operations take place at night and during the off-season. Success is then partly dependent on rapid assistance and good, strong lighting at the scene of the accident or emergency.

Light towers according to technologically advanced design

The telescope light tower is designed to accurately illuminate the rescue operation or recovery at the location of an accident or emergency. The technologically advanced design of the mobile light towers is reliable and professional. The boom is made of aluminum tube segments. This lightweight metal is easy to handle and is hardened before use. In addition, the aluminum tube parts are fully protected against severe weather conditions and corrosion by means of an electrochemical treatment. The material is therefore maintenance-free and particularly durable. The lighting panel consists of a set of LED lamps. The choice naturally depends on the wishes and requirements of the user. Luxtension has a wide range of telescopic light poles for sale, in different versions, which vary in the field of:

  • overall length / mounting length
  • electrical power method
  • pneumatic feeding method
  • external / internal installation
  • lamp type / light value
  • control method
  • other configuration

Mounting light tower on the outside of the vehicle

When mounting the telescopic light pole on the outside of the rescue vehicle, the upper part of the pole is mounted with a special handle and the lower part with a bracket. Obviously, the mast mounting location on the outside of the vehicle must be perpendicular and sufficiently reinforced so that the recovery vehicle or emergency vehicle can remain stable, even with uneven ground or high winds.

Mounting light pole inside through the roof

An opening is made in the roof of the vehicle to mount the telescopic light pole on the inside of the emergency vehicle. In it, the boom tubes are installed. The strength of the roof is maintained by using a special gasket, which is included in the mounting kit. The lower part of the mast is mounted directly on the vehicle floor by means of a special bracket. It goes without saying that the installation location in the roof must also be flat, perpendicular to the mast axis and well reinforced.

telescopische lichtmast bergingstruck Luxtension

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