Telescopic light poles

The Luxtension telescopic light pole is available in different versions, varying in lifting height, operating method and the number of segments. The telescopic light pole is constructed from aluminum tube segments with excellent corrosion resistance. This corrosion resistance is due to the presence of a passive oxide film on the metal surface. This makes the light poles extremely resistant to all weather influences and therefore ideal for emergency assistance in all circumstances. In addition, the choice for corrosion-resistant aluminum and the use of high-quality parts ensures that you can work with these telescopic light poles for years without any problems.

Luxtension’s light towers are equipped with LED lamps, which guarantee bright, high-contrast lighting. The strength of these lamps is that the light is spread as evenly as possible. In this way there is no annoying shadow that could make the work more difficult. This means help can be provided 24 hours a day as if it were daytime. In addition, by working with the economical LED technology, the power consumption is low. No large power generators are needed. This saves costs and improves the speed of assistance.

At Luxtension, the user of the pneumatic light poles is central. Through close contact with the users, we are able to develop mobile lighting columns that are fully geared towards daily emergency care. This is reflected in the compact design, the simple operation and an explicit eye for safe working.


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