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Emergencies and accidents can occur at any time of the day. Anyone who provides assistance on site knows how important good visibility and therefore good lighting are. Luxtension's telescopic light poles prove their added value in the recovery of vehicles along the road, in the event of accidents and in emergency situations where the fire brigade, the army or other emergency services are required.

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Telescopic light poles

Luxtension is specialized in telescopic light poles. If you want to buy a mobile light pole, you can rely on professional products, high quality, fast service and expert advice from the Dutch light pole supplier Luxtension. The telescopic light towers are widely applicable, especially on emergency vehicles, recovery vehicles and defense vehicles. Due to the strong quality, you can rely on these light poles in any emergency situation. The ease of use ensures quick and carefree use, even in stressful situations. In short, no valuable time is lost, even in situations where every minute counts. The telescopic light towers prove their strength at moments that matter, under any circumstances.

Telescopic light poles for rescuers

Luxtension’s pneumatic light towers are designed for the accurate lighting of rescue operations and emergency response. The lighting columns are fitted with LED lamps, the power of which corresponds to the wishes and expectations of users. These lamps spread the light as evenly as possible and provide bright and contrast-rich lighting. This prevents annoying shadows from falling and even the smallest details become visible. This means that help can be provided 24 hours a day as if it were daytime.
In addition, due to the economical LED technology , the power consumption is low. No large power generators are needed. This saves costs, but also benefits the speed of assistance.

Wide range of mechanical light towers

Luxtension’s pneumatic, telescopic light towers are available in different versions, varying in lifting height, operating method and the number of segments. The extendable light towers consist of aluminum tube segments. Characteristic for aluminum is its corrosion resistance. The metal is resistant to all weather influences. It is vital that the telescopic light poles are made of material that is resistant to corrosion and cracking, is environmentally friendly and can meet the requirements of the working environment. This means you can rest assured that these telescopic light poles will last for years without any problems. The pneumatic light towers are operated via a fixed control. There is also the option of remote control.

Telescopic light towers for emergency vehicles

Luxtension’s telescopic light towers find their way to emergency vehicles, including recovery vehicles, fire engines, defense vehicles and emergency services in general. Relief actions and salvage operations are only possible at night with the use of telescopic light poles. For this reason, fire brigade and rescue emergency vehicles have extendable light poles with LED lighting technology to illuminate the action site. Depending on the type of vehicle and the wishes of the users, the mobile lampposts can be mounted on the outside of the vehicle or on the inside. In the latter case, the telescopic light tower slides through the roof of the vehicle during use.

Buy telescopic light poles at Luxtension

Do you want to buy a mobile light tower ? Then you have come to the right place at the Dutch light pole supplier Luxtension. We have a wide range of strong, professional products and combine this with our fast service and expert advice. This allows the performance and appearance to withstand intensive use. The innovative design and robust material ensures that the light tower will perform for years to come, maintaining a high resale value and offering an excellent total cost of ownership (TCO).

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