LED lamps light masts

Luxtension’s pneumatic light towers are designed for the accurate lighting of rescue operations and emergency response. Only the right lamps provide the right lighting. This is important. Anyone who stows vehicles along the road, provides assistance in emergencies or is deployed in the event of calamities, needs optimal lighting to be able to do his or her job properly. Luxtension’s telescopic light masts are equipped with LED lamps, which guarantee clear, high-contrast lighting. The strength of these lamps is that the light is spread as evenly as possible. In this way there is no annoying shadow that could make the work more difficult. This means help can be provided 24 hours a day as if it were daytime. In addition, by working with the economical LED technology, the power consumption is low. No large power generators are needed. This saves costs and improves the speed of assistance.

The pneumatically extendable masts can be equipped with three different types of LED lamps, namely 216 W , 180 W and 144 W .

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